Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hypersensitive Episode 006 - Mo' Pimpin'

Finally - Episode 006 is finished! Sorry for the delay. Shownotes will be up soon. Feedback is greatly appreciated. It's a long one, folks, so I hope y'all enjoy!

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ETA: Episode Shownotes:

Intro: Nebulae; Astral Audio Experience; Joss'd; Geek By Night

TV: Gossip Girl; Grey's Anatomy; Lost; Dirty Sexy Money will be down a Darling next season; CSI's Grissom returns for at least 1 more season but Warrick is leaving (or was he fired?); 90210 spinoff pilot info; AnnaLynne McCord joins the cast of the new 90210; Outrageous Fortune info; Cupid casting info; NBC's 2008-09 TV Schedule; Caprica character summaries; Olivia Williams, Harry Lennix, Miracle Laurie and Amy Acker join Joss Whedon's Dollhouse; new animated pilot from the creator of Arrested Development; TV on DVD release dates

Lost season finale spoilers

Movies/DVD: Southland Tales; Sweeney Todd; Battlestar Galactica S3; new Muppet Movie info

Podcasts: Playing For Keeps; Chasing the Bard; Geek By Night; Buffy Between the Lines fanfic contest; Murder at Avedon Hill; MaAH print copy on

Playlist of the Week: [**Note, you can listen to full versions of the songs on the playlist using the playlist player below; also Email me if you would like info on getting a playlist CD with full versions of all 10 playlist songs]

(1)(a) "No More" - Heidi Montag from The Hills --> Buy from
(1)(b) "Supernatural Superserious" - R.E.M. --> Buy from
(2) "I'm Not A Loser" - Nerf Herder [Geek By Night Theme Song] --> Buy from
(3) "Your Hometown" - Finest Dearest --> Download for FREE from
(4) "Asking For Flowers" - Kathleen Edwards --> Download for FREE from
(5) "Talkin To You Eye To Eye" - Roomful of Blues --> Download for FREE from
(6) "Two Times" - The Blakes --> Download for FREE from
(7) "A Mile Above A Small Town" - Christian Brown --> Download for FREE from
(8) "Hard Feelings" - The Constantines --> Download for FREE from
(9) "Matador" - Claire Guerreso --> Buy from Amie Street Music
(10) "Almost Lover" - A Fine Frenzy --> Buy from


Outtro: Sex and the City Trailer

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