Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick Oscar Notes

I am going to try to post a bit more on this from work tomorrow (my laptop is acting a bit wonky this evening), but I just wanted to say how happy I am that Diablo Cody won for best original screenplay for "Juno!" That was the only category I was really passionate about this year (even though I was hoping Ellen Page would also win for Best Actress, I figured she didn't have a shot with the amazing competition she was up against), and she far and away deserved that award. I'm glad the Academy felt the same!!! Also, how cute were the "Once" couple who won for best song???? I cried when they won and cried again when Jon Stewart had the girl come back out on stage to get her speech in. How sweet!!!!

Okay, going to bed now....

2008 SELF Challenge - Day 1

Even though I stayed home sick from work today with a terrible sinus migraine, I was inspired to register for the 2008 SELF Challenge and am very optimistic about actually following it this year and hopefully losing weight and generally feeling better about myself. I am constantly feeling tired and sick (more so lately than in the past) and I am hoping that living a healthier lifestyle can counter-act that. We shall see how it goes ...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Thursday

I am at work and I feel miserable. However, I am heavily medicated (I have copious amounts of robitussin, dayquil, claritin and halls cough drops running through my body) so that makes it a little bit better. And I'm eating yummy chicken noodle soup from Schlotzky's Deli.

Also, I just got the following email ...

"the2ofus" at would like to say "CONGRATULATIONS" as the computer has drawn your entry for our current contest. You have won a:

Your DVD will be sent to the address you listed on your entry (below).

In 2008, please keep checking the web site for MOVIE and DVD REVIEWS, contests, and promotions (and F U N !)

I have never actually watched General Hospital: Night Shift, but have been a GH fan my whole life and I know that Night Shift features my favorite GH character, Robin. So I am very excited! I never win anything, so the Powers That Be must be feeling sorry for me because I've been feeling sick for so long ...

Friday, February 15, 2008

New Podcast Episode - Coming Soon

Good news! I have a band-aid fix on my laptop (and am hoping Dell comes through with the more reliable fix soon - *crosses fingers*) and will start working on a new podcast episode which I hope to record, edit and upload by Sunday night. Wish me luck ...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sinus Relief

** This is a cross-post from my 1/29/2008 LiveJournal entry.

I have had allergy and sinus problems all my life, but they seem to have gotten worse since I moved to Texas (I am pretty sure it has to do more with my roommate and his friends smoking inside our apartment than the geographic location) and have been pretty much a constant issue since around Thanksgiving. I have been completely miserable on a daily basis for several months, getting temporary relief with the use of my Walgreens-pharmacist-recommended Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray which, contrary to its 12-hour relief claim, helps for only an hour or so after use and cannot be used more than twice in a 24-hour period (which I know from personal experience because using it more than that makes me really shaky and jittery). So, after being basically bed-ridden because of sinus problems for most of last week and the preceeding weekend, I finally went to see my friendly neighborhood Walgreens pharmacist again (because that is much easier than going to the doctor for a lazy and increasingly agoraphobic person such as myself) who suggested using a Vicks Waterless Vaporizer and sleeping with it next to my head and "tenting" my covers (pulling the covers up over my head basically). I have been doing this every night for the last 5 nights and I cannot tell you what a difference it is making! I feel 100 times better than I have in months, and every morning I wake up feeling even better than the day before. I am crossing my fingers that I have finally found the "miracle cure" I was looking for. And with a box of 6 refill vapor pads costing less than $5.00 (actually, they are $3.64 at Wal-Mart), it is a pretty cheap miracle cure at that! I just thought I'd share this info with anyone else who may be having sinus issues. Anything to help my sinus-suffering comrades.

BTW, I have not received any compensation for my endorsement of Walgreens. This help from Walgreens is just the latest in a long line of reasons that it holds a special place in my heart ...


** This is a cross-post from my 1/27/2008 Livejournal entry.

Wow. I am such a nerd. So, yesterday at work a few of us were talking about shows we used to watch as a kid such as Kidd Video, Jem, Kids Incorporated, etc., and we found clips of a bunch of them on YouTube and I started getting all nostalgic about coming home from school and watching Kids Incorporated and The All New Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney channel (even though I was probably a little beyond their target age group as I was a freshman/sophomore in high school when MMC was on - but whatever). I was still thinking about it on the way into work today, so when I got here I looked up MMC on Wikipedia. That made me remember the group "The Party" that 5 of the cast members started (and I'm only partly ashamed to admit that I owned 2 or 3 of their CDs in high school) and that I had a huge crush on Damon. So I clicked on his link to see what he is up to now and found that he and Albert (one of the other members of "The Party") have started some new hip hop project and have a page on MySpace! So of course, I checked that out and friended them! Sometimes I really can't believe what a huge dork I am. But, that's why y'all love me, right?