Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Couch Surfing While You Wait

Hey, guys! While you're waiting for Part B of Hypersensitive Episode #9 (which should hopefully be up later tonight), go check out my mad co-hosting skillz on Couch Surfing Episode #19!! John and I talk in-depth about the two most awesome things EVER - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and The Dark Knight, with some other random things thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Episode 009: Bigger, Longer and um … Cut, Part A

Finally, the once again LONG overdue next episode of Hypersensitive. This one was so long that I actually had to divide it up into sections so you don’t have to endure my voice for 2 1/2 hours straight through. Here’s the first part, and I should have the second part up in the next day or 2. Enjoy!

Shownotes will be up soon!

[00:01:18] Intro: www.nebulae.com
"The Guild" Comic-Con Schedule
Sofadogs Video of Tim Minear Q&A Before Dallas CSTS Event
Google Reader
Big Fish Games
Hypersensitive's Amazon Store

Hypersensitive Comment Contest: Comment on this episode or leave an iTunes review and email me at hypersensitive_dot_podcast_at_gmail_dot_com for your chance to win a free game download from Big Fish Games!

[00:16:05] TV Show Recaps:
Lost - ""There's No Place Like Home" Part 1; "There's No Place Like Home" Parts 2 & 3
The Middleman "Pilot"
In Plain Sight

[00:29:11] TV News:
"The Unusuals" ABC Pilot Info
Alan Tudyk ABC Pilot Info
Casting Info for Alan Tudyk ABC Pilot
Joss'd Review of Alan Tudyk pilot taping
"The Emancipation of Ernesto" FOX Pilot Info
"Virtuality" FOX Pilot Info
Tricia Helfer FOX Pilot "Inseparable" Info
"Lie To Me" FOX Pilot Info
"Easy Money" CW Pilot Info
"Sensitive Skin" HBO Pilot Info
"True Blood" HBO Pilot Info
"True Blood" on IMDB
"True Blood"'s viral marketing True Beverage website
"The End of Steve" SHO Pilot Info
"Exterminators" SHO Pilot Info
"Crash" STARZ Pilot Info
"The Beast" A&E Pilot Info
"Raising The Bar" TNT Pilot Info
"The Prisoner" BBC Mini-Series
Shannen Doherty may be headed back to the 90210 while Luke Perry is not
Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson and "All My Children"'s Leven Rambin cast in S2 of "The Sarah Connor Chronicles"
Charisma Carpenter back on "Greek"
Jon Voight, Sprague Grayden and Carlo Rota on the upcoming season of "24"
Francis Capra and William Katt on "Heroes" S3
Heroes "Going Postal" webisodes
"Heroes" S2 available for pre-order at Amazon
Journeyman Kevin McKidd on new season of "Grey's Anatomy"
Madchen Amick on S2 of "Gossip Girl"
"Gossip Girl" possible spinoff info
Kevin Sorbo on "The Middleman"
Michael Badalucco cast in new season of "Bones"
Sam Witwer on new season of "Smallville"
Get ready for the return of the Justice League on "Smallville"
Michael Imperioli in "Life on Mars"
Amy Ryan returns to "The Office"
Aziz Ansari to appear in "The Office" spinoff
Jay Mohr out and Jamie Kennedy in for the new season of "Ghost Whisperer"
Jimmy Smits joins "Dexter" cast
Zachary Levi dishes about "Chuck" season 2
Tony Hale joins "Chuck" cast
Nicole Richie to guest star on "Chuck"
Michaela McManus joins "Law & Order: SVU" cast
Chris Noth to leave "Law & Order: CI" to be replaced by Jeff Goldblum
Paul Campbell joins "Knight Rider" cast
Sarah Paulson in "Cupid" reboot
Luke Perry on "Criminal Minds"
Info on potential "Criminal Minds" spinoff series
Molly Ringwald joins "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"
Eliza Dushku on "Ugly Betty"

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Friday, July 11, 2008

SPOILER WARNING: EW Ausiello TV Is Up! Five Reasons You Must Watch…


1) Because the Katherine Heigl/Grey’s Anatomy kerfuffle has taken a juicy new turn, and the exclusive scoop is included in this week’s inaugural ATV!
2) Because there’s something for everyone — particularly fans of Ugly Betty, Gilmore Girls, Smallville and The Closer.
3) Because there are surprises galore, and if you don’t watch now, someone’s bound to spoil them for you.
4) Because just when you think it’s over, there’s more!
5) Because it’s Friday — what the frak else do you have to do? Work?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Brave Men Run - Book Release

Matthew Wayne Selznick's amazing podcasted novel "Brave Men Run" will be released in paperback from Swarm Press on Sunday, July 13, 2008! If everyone buys the book on Sunday, July 13 from Amazon.com, we can push it to the top of the charts and make an explosive impact for "Brave Men Run," Swarm Press, and the power you, the user, has over new media!

And ...

Starting at 10:00 AM Eastern / 7:00 AM Pacific time on Sunday, July 13, join Matthew Wayne Selznick at the top of every hour via live streaming video! He will have updates on the book’s success on the Amazon charts, chat with viewers, and will even have very special Sovereign Era content to share with us: every hour on the hour he will read a new, original work of short fiction set in the Sovereign Era universe and written by some of the biggest names in podcast fiction!

"Brave Men Run" is the story of Nate Charters. Born different, unsure of his origins, he’s an outcast at Abbeque Valley High School, a self-proclaimed "boy freak" with few friends and low self-esteem. When the Sovereign Era dramatically dawns, Nate finds himself in a quest to discover the truth: is he more than he seems, a misfit in a miraculous and powerful new minority… or something else entirely?

You can listen to the full podcast presentation of "Brave Men Run" at Podiobooks.com.