Sunday, July 06, 2008

Brave Men Run - Book Release

Matthew Wayne Selznick's amazing podcasted novel "Brave Men Run" will be released in paperback from Swarm Press on Sunday, July 13, 2008! If everyone buys the book on Sunday, July 13 from, we can push it to the top of the charts and make an explosive impact for "Brave Men Run," Swarm Press, and the power you, the user, has over new media!

And ...

Starting at 10:00 AM Eastern / 7:00 AM Pacific time on Sunday, July 13, join Matthew Wayne Selznick at the top of every hour via live streaming video! He will have updates on the book’s success on the Amazon charts, chat with viewers, and will even have very special Sovereign Era content to share with us: every hour on the hour he will read a new, original work of short fiction set in the Sovereign Era universe and written by some of the biggest names in podcast fiction!

"Brave Men Run" is the story of Nate Charters. Born different, unsure of his origins, he’s an outcast at Abbeque Valley High School, a self-proclaimed "boy freak" with few friends and low self-esteem. When the Sovereign Era dramatically dawns, Nate finds himself in a quest to discover the truth: is he more than he seems, a misfit in a miraculous and powerful new minority… or something else entirely?

You can listen to the full podcast presentation of "Brave Men Run" at

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