Saturday, February 09, 2008


** This is a cross-post from my 1/27/2008 Livejournal entry.

Wow. I am such a nerd. So, yesterday at work a few of us were talking about shows we used to watch as a kid such as Kidd Video, Jem, Kids Incorporated, etc., and we found clips of a bunch of them on YouTube and I started getting all nostalgic about coming home from school and watching Kids Incorporated and The All New Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney channel (even though I was probably a little beyond their target age group as I was a freshman/sophomore in high school when MMC was on - but whatever). I was still thinking about it on the way into work today, so when I got here I looked up MMC on Wikipedia. That made me remember the group "The Party" that 5 of the cast members started (and I'm only partly ashamed to admit that I owned 2 or 3 of their CDs in high school) and that I had a huge crush on Damon. So I clicked on his link to see what he is up to now and found that he and Albert (one of the other members of "The Party") have started some new hip hop project and have a page on MySpace! So of course, I checked that out and friended them! Sometimes I really can't believe what a huge dork I am. But, that's why y'all love me, right?

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