Monday, April 07, 2008

Episode 005: The Vacation Episode

Well, I'm only a week and a half behind on getting this episode up. This episode was recorded during the last week of March but, due to some major problems my laptop had with Audacity during my vacation, I was not able to edit and publish it until this weekend. Still, better late than never, right?

Shownotes will be up soon.

ETA: Episode Shownotes:

Intro: Nebulae

TV: CBS Cancels Jericho (again); SciFi Wire reports on Jericho cancellation;Dollhouse casting news; Buffy Alums Circling Whedon's Doll House;Fox Cancels The Return of Jezebel James; Rob Thomas gets third new season pilot deal; Review of Paley Fest Gossip Girl Panel; New season of "The Hills" begins

Movies/DVD: Torchwood; Torchwood info

Podcasts: Buffy Between the Lines has been INFECTED!; Buffy Between the Lines wins the 2008 Podcast Peer Award for Best Audio Drama Podcast!; Scott Sigler's INFECTED Trailer on YouTube;

Playlist of the Week: [**Note, Email me if you would like info on getting a playlist CD with full versions of all 10 playlist songs]

(1) “4 Minutes” - Madonna & Justin Timberlake --> Buy From
(2) “Be Giving” - Nico Vega
(3) “Someday Somewhere” - That Girl Alley
(4) “9:45” - Mieka Pauley --> Buy From
(5) “The Kelley Affair” - Be Your Own Pet --> Buy From
(6) “Just Let Go” - Mae --> Buy From
(7) “A Little Time” - Jonathan Clay --> Buy From
(8) “When I Get There” - Exit 4
(9) “Let Me Tell You Something” - 3rd Echo
(10) “Just This Way” - Bomshel

Outtro: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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