Saturday, June 21, 2008

Episode 008 - The Episode That Didn't Want To Be Aired

Okay, folks. Here it is. The next (once again) long overdue episode of Hypersensitive! I had a lot of problems with this episode - I lost the edited version of the episode not once but TWO times thanks to the combination of Audacity and my craptop computer, and then had problems uploading to my FTP once the episode was finally "in the can." It's really long (about 1:45:00 or so), but I guess I just had a lot of stuff I wanted to tell you guys about. Since it's so long, I've included the time stamps for the beginning of each segment so you can feel free to skip ahead if you want. Here's to hoping I have less problems producing the next episode. Ah, well, enjoy!

[0:1:00] Intro:; Race Fantastique; Vacation Pics

[0:4:54] TV Show Recaps: Grey's Anatomy - "Losing My Mind" and "Freedom"

[0:18:01] TV News: Bruce Boxleitner added to Heroes cast; Allan Arkush talks new season of Heroes; House casting news; Paula Malcolmson, Esai Morales and Eric Stoltz and Alessandra Toressani join the Caprica cast; The Hills will be back for a fourth season; Watch past eps of The Hills at; HBO Tackles the Reality of the Dallas Cowboys; Will Life on Mars end for David E. Kelley?; CW has officially ordered 90210 to series; Rob Estes added to 90210 cast; Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling to appear in new 90210; CW's 90210 Trailer; Megan Mullally added to Bad Mother's Handbook cast; Chloe will be back on Smallville next season; Green Arrow may be returning to Smallville; 24 TV-movie has an airdate; 24 TV-movie adds to cast; Scrubs casting news; TV Fall TV Viewing Grid ; CBS Fall Schedule; ABC Fall Schedule; CW Fall Schedule; CW may be in trouble; FOX Fall Schedule; Zap2it Script reviews for Fringe and Dollhouse; FOX Dollhouse Trailer; Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku talk Dollhouse; FOX's "Remote-Free TV" initiative; CSI finds their Sara Sidle replacement; Jorja Fox to guest star on CSI new season premiere; Kelly Preston added to HBO's Suburban Shootout; Katee Sackhoff moves to Nip/Tuck

[0:55:57] Movies/DVDs: Speed Racer; Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; The Gate; The Mist; Battlestar Galactica, Season 3; 27 Dresses; The Nanny Diaries; Running With Scissors; Disturbia; The Curve; Georgia Rule; Elizabeth: The Golden Age

[1:01:52] Movie News: Fraggle Rock Live Action Musical; 4th Beverly Hills Cop Movie in the works; Michael Bay/Hasbro to make Ouija Board movie; Witchboard (1986)

[1:08:55] Podcast Pimping: Parsec Awards; Can't Stop The Serenity; 7th Son Obsidian; Max Quick Book 2: The Two Travelers; The Geologic Podcast;; Astral Audio Experience; Geek By Night; 10th Wonder Podcast; Wormwood; MuggleCast; Metamor City; Joss'd; Buffy Between The Lines; Chasing The Bard; Couch Surfing; Onthepodcast; Official Lost Podcast; Two Geeks, A Mic And A Podcast; Murder At Avedon Hill; Grey's Anatomy Official Podcast; Smodcast; PodCulture; The Geek Spin; Podcast Junky; The Signal

[1:31:08] Music: Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I Lay My Head; The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing; Julianne Hough - Julianne Hough; Usher - Here I Stand; Various Artists - Sex And The City [original soundtrack]; Weezer - Weezer (Red Album Deluxe); Gavin Rossdale - Wanderlust; Radiohead - The Best Of (Special Edition); Chris Brown - Exclusive - The Forever Edition


(1) "I Wish I Was In New Orleans" - Scarlett Johansson
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(2) "Violet Hill" - Coldplay
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(3) "Mercy" - Duffy
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(4) "Heavy Eyes" - The Rosewood Thieves
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(5) "Dream" - Priscilla Ahn
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(6) "Giving Up" - Ingrid Michaelson
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(7) "The Cure For Pain" - Jon Foreman
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(8) "Hometown Glory" - Adele
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(9) "The Quest" - Bryn Christopher

(10) "Keep Me Warm" - Ida Maria

[1:41:42] Outtro: The Dark Knight Trailer

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Astral Guardian said...

Great show! Thanks for playing the promo. Feel free to do an in depth review of ep 5 (and/or) ep 6) in the next podcast.