Thursday, May 25, 2006

First Post

In between projects at work today, I looked up the blogs (or blawgs) of a couple of speakers from this Legal Technology seminar (CLE) which I attended earlier in the week. The first is Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog, which was very informative but contained a lot of information he covered at the seminar. I added his RSS feed to my Google Reader so that I can keep up with his future posts. The second is Ernie the Attorney, a blog posted by Ernie Svenson, an attorney who left a large New Orleans law firm to open his own practice after hurricane Katrina. He was one of my favorite speakers at the CLE, and his blog is immensely enjoyable! His most recent post about the outcome of the mayoral election gave me a little more hope than I had before (while at the same time increasing my sadness over Mitch's loss). Anway, reading those -- and other -- blogs today motivated me to create my own ('cause I'm not at all convinced that non-livejournal users take livejournal seriously).

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