Sunday, February 07, 2010

Well ... look who it is!!

Hey guys! I bet you all had given up on me, hadn't you? [Assuming anyone still even subscribes to this feed or checks the site]

I moved back to New Orleans (from Dallas) this past September and, after getting settled back into the groove of the Big Easy, I think I'm ready to reboot this podcast. I'm definitely going to go for shorter episodes, hopefully (finally!) get to that weekly schedule I've always wanted, and maybe make it more of a "Lisa's List" type of thing, just hitting the top pop culture media that has captured my attention since the last episode. I'm still mulling it over, but I figured if I bit the bullet & posted this update to the site, I would be more motivated to just start recording again.

So, what do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Do you even still care? Please sound off in the comments. Oh, and if you have any ideas of what you'd like to hear in the podcast, I'm totally open!

~ Lisa

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Personal Effects: Dark Art - Available Today!!!

J.C. Hutchins’ new supernatural thriller, Personal Effects: Dark Art is now available in bookstores and for purchase online. A recent starred review by Publisher’s Weekly called the novel a “stellar first.” Library Journal’s review deemed Personal Effects a work that “may herald the future of modern fiction.”

Created by Jordan Weisman and published by St. Martin’s Press, Dark Art combines the experience of a traditional thriller novel with a multimedia-fueled “out of book” narrative. Clues in the novel — and items that come with the novel, such as ID cards and photos — propel readers into an online experience where they become protagonists themselves.

Personal Effects: Dark Art follows the extensive notes of art therapist Zach Taylor’s investigation into the life and madness of Martin Grace, an accused serial killer who claims to have foreseen, but not caused, his victims’ deaths.

Zach’s investigations start with interviews and art sessions, but then take him far from the hospital grounds — and often very far from the reality that we know. The items among Grace’s personal effects are the keys to understanding his haunted past, and finding the terrifying truth Grace hoped to keep buried…

* Call the phone numbers: You’ll get a character’s voicemail.
* Google the characters and institutions in the text: You’ll find real websites.
* Examine the art and other printed artifacts included inside the cover: If you pay attention, you’ll find more information than the characters themselves discover.

Personal Effects: Dark Art is the ultimate in voyeuristic storytelling, representing a revolutionary step forward in changing the way people interact with novels.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Jack Wakes Up: Today is "Cinco de Harwood," Baby!!

Happy Cinco de Harwood, everybody!! Today is THE DAY - The Three Rivers Press (division of Random House) release of our favorite crime novel podiobook JACK WAKES UP! Sweet!!

What?!?! You haven't heard JACK WAKES UP??? Well, you should definitely get over to and check out the free podiobook version of the novel!

However, if you're more of a visual person and you'd like to check out the novel a bit before you buy it, Seth is giving away the first 3 chapters of the book FOR FREE! Click here to download the PDF!!

Additionally, here is a video of Seth explaining how he uses podcasting and social networking, web 2.0, to promote his novel, build a big audience, and get stellar results!

So, check out the JACK WAKES UP promo below and go to Amazon (or your favorite book retailer) and buy your copy (or several copies) of JACK WAKES UP today!!

JACK WAKES UP Audio Promo (to download, right click and save the link)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hypersensitive Remembers Joe

April 1, 2009 marks two years since the passing of podcaster, Joe Murphy, after a battle with leiomyosarcoma. In his memory, the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund prepared a Tribute Podcast last year in which some of the most recognizable voices in podcasting shared their thoughts on how Joe touched their lives. Unfortunately, I came too late into the world of podcasting to have known Joe Murphy; but the legacy he left behind ensures that his memory will live on well into the future of podcasting and audio entertainment in general. Please take a few minutes to listen (or re-listen) to this wonderful Tribute Podcast - with a new heartfelt intro by Tee Morris - and experience for yourself the amazing impact Joe had on people’s lives.

For shownotes on this Tribute Podcast, and for more information on leiomyosarcoma and the former Joe Murphy Memorial Fund, please visit

Listen Now:

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Commit Yourself To The Brink

Just wanted to let you guys know about the awesome new project from 7th Son podiobook author and podcaster J.C. Hutchins.

This June, his novel-meets-Alternate Reality Game project, Personal Effects: Dark Arts, hits bookstores. Created with ARG and gaming maestro Jordan Weisman, this spooky supernatural thriller chronicles the adventures of art therapist Zach Taylor as he quests to unlock the psychosis of an blind alleged serial killer. Taylor works at Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital ... a facility with such a bloody history, locals call it "The Brink." Items that come WITH the book -- including photos, busines cards and more -- will propel you into an "out of novel" narrative, which has its own plot twists.

CSI TV series creator Anthony E. Zuiker calls it "the future of storytelling." Director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Ring) hails it as "compelling." Final Destination writer Jeffrey Reddick says it's "impossible to put down."

You can learn more about Personal Effects: Dark Art -- and what other pros are saying about it -- at . (You can even pre-order a copy if you'd like to support the project before it even comes out.)

In connection with the release of this project, and based on the firm belief that everyone benefits when the community itself is being creative, J.C. has announced a first-ever in publishing designed to get you involved in the world of Personal Effects: Dark Art. Welcome to Commit Yourself To The Brink.

You -- and your friends and family and followers -- can actually become a part of the Personal Effects universe, and a patient of Brinkvale art therapist Zach Taylor. By visiting a special page at J.C.'s website -- -- you can create a patient profile (complete with backstory), receive your admittance papers, contribute artwork … and earn the insanely cool privilege to appear in Brinkvale’s patient artwork gallery ( ). The first "art assignment" is already online, and -- as always -- it doesn't cost a penny to participate. You need not be an "artist" to do this; just crack out the Crayolas, get scribbling, and scan (or snap a photo of) your work! Submit your art and patient profile at the page linked above.

Check out this awesome promo - and COMMIT YOURSELF!

Download this episode (right click and save)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Angel Between the Lines Auditions are Open!

Angel Between the Lines is proud to announce our open casting call for voice actors for Season 1. If you’ve always wanted to join the cast of the Between the Lines productions or if you’d like the opportunity to do some voice acting, you’ve come to the right place.

>> For information AND to find out which roles we’re auditioning for please click here. <<

The first season of Angel Between the Lines deals with the summer between AtS Season 3 and Season 4. Join the gang as they deal with Angel and Cordelia's disappearances and stick around for the season finale: Angel - the musical! (We're not even kidding). This season consists of 12 episodes and a lot of surprises along the way.

Angel Between the Lines is an audio drama that takes place between the seasons of Angel the TV show. We have a cast/crew from all around the world (so you do NOT need to be in Los Angeles to audition). There are many roles that we’re casting (not just the ones that we have audition lines for). We also need some different dialects and accents - so please make sure to try out if you’re in any way interested. If you don’t fit the characters we’re looking for please still audition using the “General” lines.

This is a work of love, no one makes money off of this production. We’ve had rave reviews for Buffy Between the Lines and can’t wait to do it again for Angel!

Are you only interested in LISTENING to Angel Between the Lines? Subscribe to Angel Between The Lines by Email so you can get updates on when the show is airing!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

While You Wait ...

John Pavlich and I recorded a fan commentary for the premiere episode of Dollhouse, "Ghost," which is up over at Sofa Dogs.

This was so much fun, and we're going to try to record commentaries for each episode as they air.

Want to participate in a future Dollhouse fan commentary? Email me at and join in the fun!

~ Lisa T.